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The Balance Between Hiring for Fit and Inclusion

The Balance Between Hiring for Fit and Inclusion

May 18, 2017

Talent managers these days talk a lot about “hiring for fit” and the concept is sound. After all, to create and maintain a strong corporate culture, companies are well served to ensure that those they hire will fit into that culture. But, there’s a flip side to this commonly held wisdom. Building a culture based […]

APN Encourages a Culture of Giving

April 28, 2017

APN Consulting recently sponsored the latest fundraiser by inFusion to benefit the Hugs for Brady Foundation.  inFusion brings together a group of selfless and talented teens with a passion for music and a desire to use their abilities to make a difference.  The group holds regular live music events showcasing their unique musical talents with […]

Communicating When You Don’t Have All The Answers

April 19, 2017

HR professionals are finding themselves caught between a rock and a hard place these days as they attempt to communicate with employees about impending legislative and policy changes that may affect their healthcare coverage, their benefit options, and more. Employees want answers, but HR and company leaders often don’t have those answers. How can you […]

Developing Your Employee Brand Ambassadors

April 11, 2017

Companies exert a great deal of time and effort to build their brands and position themselves positively, and effectively, relative to the competition. Much of that time and effort is focused externally—on creating marketing messages that are disseminated through a wide range of communication channels from the traditional (print, broadcast and outdoor) to the digital […]

Recognizing and Overcoming Personal Biases

March 23, 2017

A bias is a predisposition for or against something. We can be either favorably, or unfavorably, biased, although the word tends to carry more negative than positive connotations. The important point, though, is that we all naturally have biases—they’re an unavoidable fact of life. Whether related to issues, individuals or preferences in music, art, or […]

Leveraging Diversity Through Dissension and Discord

March 17, 2017

The political environment has certainly ramped up the level of potential dissension and discord within workplaces around the country. And, while that dissension and discord can be disruptive and divisive, there are times when it’s just what’s required to leverage the value of diverse perspectives, backgrounds and experiences. It’s a lesson NASA’s widely known “group […]

Procurement in the age of IoT: What skills do tomorrow’s managers need?

February 28, 2017

The Internet of Things has already impacted many aspects of our personal lives, but what does this mean for procurement professionals? In our latest post, we explore the implications of the IoT on procurement and the kinds of skills needed in order to make use of these new technologies moving in to the future.

Making Them an Offer They Can’t Refuse

February 27, 2017

Once you’ve found a top candidate you want to boost the odds that they’ll accept your offer. But, data tells us that up to 39% of job offers are rejected. Why? John Zappe, contributing editor of, calls it the “too low and too slow” syndrome: 39% of the time candidates reject an offer because they’re received another offer (too slow); 29% of the time because the compensation/benefits package didn’t meet their expectations (too low). We offer some guidance on improving in these two areas.

Civility in the Workplace

February 23, 2017

If there’s one thing this election cycle is doing it’s putting the concept of civility in the workplace front and center in conversations around the country. The volatility and polarization related to many of the issues front and center in what seem to be 24/7 media cycles, tend to spur conversations that continue into the workplace. What role should HR play in ensuring that employees understand expectations and are trained in effective methods of communication to ensure they don’t cross the line?

How Your Organization Can Thrive in The Gig Economy

January 31, 2017

The gig economy is a favorite topic at industry conferences and in the blogosphere, and the buzz shows no signs of abating. Social scientists and politicians fret about worker protections, and labor boards voice concerns about health care. Employees worry their steady jobs will disappear, and employers struggle with managing risks and relationships. Over 50% […]

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