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Work-Life Balance is Key for Tech Companies

Work-Life Balance is Key for Tech Companies

December 7, 2012

For many IT professionals, finding the proverbial balance between their day job and family life can be a difficult proposition. Time spent on call, projects that last longer than expected, or just the general stress of work combine to hamper an employee’s quality of life. Why is this important to your company? Happier workers perform […]

How to be a Top Candidate and Land Your Dream Job

November 30, 2012

Even in today’s down economy, your IT dream job is out there. Finding it takes research, dedication, and persistence as well as following a clear plan to reach your goal. Sharpen your technical skills and learn what it takes to be a top candidate. Set Attainable Goals and Follow a Plan to Achieve Them After […]

Preparing for the Departure of an IT Staff Member

November 23, 2012

Given the amount of turnover in the IT industry, it is not unexpected to have to deal with the loss of a valuable member of your technical staff. While some temporary issues may arise out of an employee moving on to a new situation, having an actionable plan already in place goes a long way […]

The “Cloud” Isn’t Raining On Your Job Search

November 16, 2012

Cloud computing means more than just the latest technology buzzword; it is a fundamental shift in the way enterprises of all sizes run their business. According to the Cisco Global Cloud Index, over half of all IT server activity will be cloud-based by 2014. For the savvy technology careerist, this undeniable migration to the cloud […]

How to Find “Star” IT Talent

November 13, 2012

Finding that perfect technical employee out of hundreds of resumes or emails needn’t be an impossible task. There are clear and easy steps to follow to ensure you hire the best possible talent to help your company implement an enhanced Linux server infrastructure, design a new Rails website, or engineer the latest NoSQL database application. […]

Become a “Top Candidate” By Increasing Your Hireability

November 9, 2012

In today’s competitive employment landscape it is vital to make yourself the best possible candidate for both IT staffing firms as well as the companies who may hire you permanently. Thankfully, there are a few well-defined steps you can take to improve your technical skills and thus your marketability, making you stand out amongst the […]

Want to Reduce Your Hiring Costs and Stress? Then Start Staffing Strategically.

November 2, 2012

The best way to deal with stress due to hiring costs involves focusing on workforce planning and strategic staffing. Having a plan in place when trying to find a candidate helps to improve the overall quality of the applicant pool, while making sure you end up with the best possible employee. Top Steps in Creating […]

Find Yourself Unemployed? Then Consider a Contract IT Position

October 26, 2012

Temporary unemployment, even in today’s struggling economy, need not deter an IT professional. Contract IT positions in all disciplines remain plentiful, with many companies looking for experienced technical staffing to augment their own employees. In fact the IT contract positions are on the rise. Worried that depending on temporary work will lead to a dead-end […]

Should Your Company Move to the Cloud?

October 19, 2012

Companies of all sizes are continuing their move to the Cloud. Cloud-based computing offers many benefits, including reduced costs, improved access to data, and increased productivity. The Cloud is also a great way for your company to go “green” by reducing the energy normally consumed running your own server equipment. Moving to the Cloud doesn’t […]

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