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The Business Analyst Skillset in the New World

The Business Analyst Skillset in the New World


The Business Analyst (BA)is a key role bridging the domains of business and technical world. In midst of Outsourcing/Offshoring, this pivotal role is still preferred to reside onsite. Having been in the staffing industry for over 20 years, I am often asked this question –  what skills should I acquire and develop to be a successful Business Analyst?  Let me try to answer this from the recruiting perspective:


Traditional BA skills

Traditional BA skills are very much in play – communication skills being the most important trait. One needs to be a great communicator. As Andrea Morra, Director, Prudential Retirement, who heads a team who performs business analysis puts it, “Someone who can see the big picture, and then is able to break it down into the smaller components.  Someone who can inspire people around them by painting the big picture in a relatable way”.


As for technical skills-Data Modeling skills and SQL are a MUST have.  A rudimentary understanding of programming helps to grasp the fundamentals.  Being able to draw up Use Cases and Wire-frames are the standard skills you must have. But as the Business Analyst role is evolving and they are playing a major role in a company’s transformation, we have seen the following hottest skills for Business Analysts.



As more and more organizations are going towards Agile methodology, time for Business Analyst to adapt to the change and imbibe the spirit of the agile methodology. They need to understand their strengths and play accordingly.  For example, if they are playing the role of a Project Manager BA, they need to learn “ manage” or a BA on a core development team has to be technically savvy to act as a bridge between business and developers.


Data related technologies

Every company on this planet is talking about data and how they seek meaningful information out of it. If you like data and can play the role in data representation, you may see some good job opportunities. But you still need to learn tools such as Microstrategy, Tableau etc. and be more technical savvy from the data perspective (Sourcing, Cleansing etc.)


Cloud Computing

With the deployment of cloud computing, organizations are undergoing a lot of changes which include business process re-engineering and dependence on Cloud provider. Here the Business Analyst needs to make use of their soft skills and interact with vendors from time to time. Negotiation skills, vendor management, Business Process reengineering skills are a must for these kinds of scenarios.


Besides these skills, one of the most important skills is “continuous improvement and innovative skills”, as Andrea Morra puts it.  “Business Analysts must build creativity and have problem-solving skills”.  These are just a few examples of skills needed for Business Analyst jobs.


APN Consulting Inc. is proud to announce the company’s further expansion in to the healthcare industry, launching a new subsidiary called APN Healthcare Solutions which will offer healthcare staffing services such as nursing and allied health professionals.

With APN’s history of success and sustained growth over the past 10 years, Founder and CEO Vedant Pathak decided that the timing was right to expand the staffing side of the business and join the $13B healthcare staffing industry.  The new subsidiary is a compliment to existing services currently offered to healthcare clients including staffing services for IT and other office related categories and the company’s cloud based activity tracking application called Patient Care Cloud.

“In the ever changing and fast-paced business world, any organization must be open to changes and responsive to industry demands in order to survive” said Vedant Pathak.   “Hence, creating a new subsidiary focusing on healthcare staffing will be mutually beneficial to APN Consulting and our existing clients, the staffing and recruitment industry and the healthcare sector in general.  We will be able to address a current need in the marketplace while providing solutions to the healthcare staffing industry which has enjoyed a 20% growth in 2015 and is projected to continue strong growth this year at an admirable 14%.”

APN Healthcare Solutions will address the industry’s current shortage of nurses, therapists and other healthcare professionals in organizations such as hospitals and long term care facilities.  The subsidiary will align itself with APN Consulting’s proven and effective formula of success in the staffing and recruitment world through its unique recruitment process.  With the company’s high regard for integrity and its full commitment to excellence, APN Healthcare Solutions will be in full compliance with the standards set forth by the State Dept. of Health, American Nurses Association (ANA), HIPAA, OSHA and JCAHO as well as the rigid standards practiced by hospitals and healthcare facilities.

Staffing the new subsidiary are veterans of the healthcare staffing industry from the some of the most popular agencies in the area.  Sarah Bunales heads the practice and brings with her a team of professionals well known in the industry.

APN has had its finger on the pulse of the healthcare sector for many years.  As a focused industry for staffing services, APN has worked with some of the world’s largest healthcare enterprises and has even ventured in to the field of telehealth/telemedicine, a new segment on the radar of healthcare executives as a potential growth area.  APN has also worked on the IT side of healthcare, having developed a cloud based application on the platform called Patient Care Cloud which is an innovative tool that helps assisted living facilities manage their residents’ activities and staff efficiency.

APN Healthcare Solutions is headquartered in APN’s main offices in Monmouth Junction NJ.  For more information about APN Healthcare Solutions, please visit and follow APN on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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