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Mobility Services

Mobile devices have revolutionized the workplace, and nowadays, the office is wherever employees are and enterprise applications must be accessible on every smartphone and tablet. Many businesses have adopted bring-your-own-device strategies as a quick and easy way to embrace enterprise mobility, but most of yesterday’s corporate IT environments and typical work processes are not optimized for use on mobile devices. As a result, the average employee circumvents mobility requirements in favor of shadow IT and mobility game plans fall flat.

To truly empower employees with mobile devices and applications, businesses should partner with APN Consulting. With decades of experience in a variety of industries and working with companies of all sizes, APN Consulting understands how to develop mobile apps and manage smartphones and tablets – BYOD or not – with corporate strategy in mind.

APN Consulting offers enterprise mobility services including:

Mobile strategy formulation: Not every organization knows how to create a mobile initiative that pleases all stakeholders, from executives to IT teams to employees. APN Consulting helps its partners formulate and implement a mobility strategy that conforms to business demands and requirements.

Mobile application development: Creating and deploying a mobile app might seem simple at first glance, but without considerations with regard to user experience, offline access, mobile security and more, a company will not make the most out of mobility. APN Consulting works with organizations to develop and support mobile apps that are user-friendly, powerful and optimized for small screens.

Enterprise mobility management: Whether businesses take advantage of BYOD or provide employees with corporately owned smartphones and tablets, they must be able to effectively manage and secure all mobile devices. APN Consulting’s mobility services take the stress out of EMM and make embracing enterprise mobility a simple, yet valuable, strategy.

Why APN?

APN Consulting provides its partners with a mobility service for each phase of this absolutely necessary corporate strategy. Thanks to expert IT professionals from a wide range of mobile backgrounds, APN Consulting has a unique understanding of what businesses in a variety of industries need from mobile apps, mobile game plans and mobile management.

With access to cutting-edge development platforms and skills in cloud service integration, APN Consulting can create customized mobile apps in a timely manner without destroying budgets or negatively affecting existing operations. APN Consulting can solve any mobility challenges.

For more information on how APN Consulting’s mobility services can reinvent corporate mobile agendas, contact us today!

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