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A look into Salesforce’s 2016

Salesforce has altered the enterprise IT landscape drastically in the past few years. Now, customer relationship management solutions are critical pieces of corporate tech stacks, but more importantly, more businesses have turned to the cloud to support those systems.

The good news is that Salesforce…

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The ROI of Salesforce [Video]

Organizations across industries are discovering that Salesforce contributes directly to their bottom line. But how much does it actually affect revenue?

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Salesforce has become a mission-critical tool for all enterprises, regardless of the sector that they compete in, as the CRM system has demonstrated…

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Do You Need a CRM Implementation Consultant?

Part I – Do You Need a CRM Implementation Consultant?

I have been a CRM consultant for 29 years. Now, if you do the math that means that I’ve been doing CRM consulting since 1989. However, some of you “old guys” who were using contact managers back then, realize that there was no “CRM” as a concept in 1989….

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