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IT Staffing Solutions


In the staffing world, the right match means success for both the employer and employee. At APN, we work as your partner in order to deliver strategic IT staffing solutions that go beyond the resume to achieve the highest levels of success for both sides of the equation.

Direct Hire


In today’s technology landscape, organizations need to react quickly to changing business environments.  When the need for specialized staff arises, APN Consulting can shorten your time to hire by managing all aspects of the hiring process. From candidate sourcing to skills assessment, APN’s team of recruiters will deliver pre-screened and pre-tested technologists based on your exact specifications.



When IT projects require additional resources, contract staffing offers you the flexibility you need to meet your project goals.  APN Consulting provides seamless access to highly skilled and experienced professionals to help you tackle new initiatives, accelerate workflow and meet project deadlines.  In addition, we can also provide an entire project team to manage the process from design to deployment.

Contract To Hire


Contract to hire staffing allows clients to bring in skilled staff on a contract basis with the option to hire at the end of the contract period.  This gives employers more flexibility while cutting down on any project delays which may occur during a typical prolonged search for a full time employee.  It also offers both employee and employer valuable insight in order to make a more informed decision regarding permanent employment.


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The added benefit of our 3rd party technical assessment has helped our other clients make better hiring decisions in a shorter period of time. Get a sample assessment to see if this would benefit you.

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