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Working with our MSP Partners

Through years of successfully working with the leading MSP partners, APN has perfected an MSP focused model in order to provide these clients with improved overall performance.  Our model creates collaborative and lasting relationships by providing the highest quality services and consistently delivering value.

Our MSP Focused Approach

We use a multi-faceted approach based on a metric-based system, dedicated account teams and 24-hour sourcing capabilities allied to a vast technology base, all harnessed by our adaptive quality processes and strong methodologies. The organizational and technical structure we have put in place ensures communication across all teams in order to quickly adjust to changing demands. This approach has been perfected over the past 14 years and the success is proven by our status as a top vendor for our clients.

VMS Technologies

APN actively works with multiple VMS technologies for our MSP clients and we conduct regular training sessions for our staff on the use of these tools.  We are proficient in tools such as IQNavigator, Ariba, Beeline, Taleo, ShiftWise, PeopleClick and FieldGlass.

Proactive Pipelining

The foundation of APN Consulting methodologies is a process of proactive talent pipelining which spans across our entire operations for both internal and external needs.  The practice of proactive pipelining ensures sustainable service delivery and removes inefficient reactionary workflows from our business model. For our clients, this means means we can provide better candidates, faster.   Internally, this means we can adapt to changing volume and scale up quickly.

High Volume Recruiting

To always have bandwidth for times of high volume, APN uses a method of internal proactive pipelining which ensures the scalability of our recruiting operations.  To achieve this, we maintain a cycle of continuous hiring and advancement of recruiters.  Ongoing training creates a high performing workforce and ensures each level is always properly aligned for advancement.  When needed, we can assemble new teams quickly without additional training and onboarding.

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