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Robotic Process Automation

Software automation – or macros – to perform routine software procedures has been commonplace.  Screen-scraping technology came along and helped the next level of automation.  The next stage of evolution in software automation is software robots (bots) that can take over mundane human tasks that can range from simple to complex.  By programming a series of preset rules and conditions these bots can interact with multiple applications under the presentation layer and deliver consistent and superior results.  Some of the benefits of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) are –

  • Easy implementation – little or no technical background needed
  • Accuracy – eliminates all human errors
  • Compliant – leaves an audit trail and never deviates from the rule
  • Uninterrupted – can perform round the clock
  • Cost effective – frees up humans from mundane tasks and delivers quick ROI
  • Productive – can produce greater quantum of results

APN can provide RPA Developers, Managers, Engineers, Engagement Leads, Process Automation Specialists, Business Analysts, Performance Improvement Consultants –  individuals or teams of experts versed in the top automation tools such as UI Path, Automation Anywhere, Blue Prism, etc. who are adept at building efficient RPA environments for complex use cases.  This is one of those few revolutionary innovations that can deliver increased productivity at lowered costs.

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