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WEBINAR: Build a Better Developer Team by Increasing Employee Engagement

build a better developer team


Are you interested in learning how to skyrocket your team’s performance? Do you want to gain valuable skills that will make your team more attractive to skilled software engineers?

Then join us for this powerful session on July 7th to learn essential tips on building a more engaged developer team.  We will be joined by Chris Sims, co-founder and principal of Sigao Studios, an agile consulting and development company.  Chris will share valuable expertise and practical advice on ways to transform your team, improve efficiency and ensure the success of your projects.   You will learn how to use several proven techniques to improve your employee engagement, which will increase productivity, quality of work, make your team more attractive to potential recruits and reduce employee turnover. This webinar will help you to understand what employee and developer engagement is and steps you can take to improve that engagement. Join us to learn the value and impact employee engagement can have on the success of your projects.

Gain valuable skills to grow your team including:

  1. What is employee engagement?
  2. Why is employee engagement important?
  3. How do you know if you have an engaged employee?
  4. The importance of vision on employee engagement.
  5. Embrace self-organization and let your teams grow.
  6. Use mastery to motivate and engage your team.
  7. Build open and honest diversity to inspire your team.

Reserve your seat now!  Can’t attend the live session? Register anyway and you will receive a link to the recorded webinar.

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